Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'M a Lucky One!

just had one of my luckiest day today! guess what? so many good things happened..ok ok im going to enumerate them..

1. I have the love of my life which loves me and i love him back so much as well, he never fails to send me sms everyday and email..he's so sweet i so love Allen! i feel like im floating when we're talking just the look of his eyes melts my heart you just dont know how much i love you and you dont know i have a blog too! its better this way so i can write anything i want without hesitations.

2. I went to the Students Account Office this morning to let them assess my account, i need to pay my tuition fee so i can take the final examination, when the operator handed me the assessment of my account i was shocked! I   said to him "are you sure you are correct?.. He said "yes ma'am thats correct" I looked at my assessment with jaw opened..somebody was paid my tuition pay! and i dont have to pay for anything no more!! i was like omg!! Anyways im not really wondering who paid my account i already have someone in my mind, Vincent--the father of my daughter. he's been paying for it eversince without telling me, i already talked to him about this but he feels like it's his obligation to do it. I told him its not necessary but he insist..well who am i to say no? I called him and say thank you. He's always like that anyways, never fails to surprise me even though its been a long time we're not together. He just felt GUILTY i guess for all the things that he did to me before thats why he tried his best to help me as much as he can.

3. I was really thinking i have an "incomplete grade" in my 4 subjects i took last term because i was not able to   take the 1st exam but then today i found out i have a grade which is above average! so now that i have a grade in these 4 subjects i dont have to look for the professors and ask them to let me take special examination. oh God you are sooo great Lord! thank you!!

4. My evaluation on my teaching demonstration last week was excellent; above average, infact im one of the highest according to the principal yay!!! 

5.I was not able to study last night coz i was out with friends and guessss what?? our examination is all ESSAY and i soooo love it! wooaahhhh i am so glad its not enumeration and identification!

6. when i came home my sweet angel Vinnerie is there kissing me and hugging me and telling me she loves!! this is life!!! 


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