Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This photo is taken today at the prayer room in San Pedro Cathedral, Davao City

Life is really like a wheel..sometimes you are on the top and sometimes down. Things these past days is not that pleasant compare to the last days.. I dont want to elaborate things because there are things which i want to keep it to myself but there's only one thing i can say.. "LOTS OF CONFUSION" 
And today i ask the guidance and peace of my mind to my help me deal with what is happening to me right now. Things are really complicated.I prayed in the prayer room for hours!!imagine..hours..but i did not even realized that i spent so much time there! i was talking to God..and i guess i was carried away by our conversation.. of all the things that i've been dying to tell HIM, to ask HIM that when i came out the prayer room it was almost dark. 
Although im the type of girl who always asked God for guidance but this time its different..because i did not only asked for guidance but i asked Him something really special..I've been asking him the same thing for the past 3 weeks now..Oh God please hear my prayer! Pleaseeeee... 
ok so i dont know what to write anymore.. i just really hope God will answer my prayer..but if not then i am sure there is a reason for everything and another lesson learned! Please Lord i just want peace of mind to every person involved and i hope whatever the decision maybe it will be for the good of everyone. I love you God! and thank you for everything!

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