Tuesday, January 17, 2012

is this the only word i am allowed to use?

Ok so I deleted more than 100 entries in my blog and never blog since then... but today i feel like i wanted to write something because i cannot bare this feeling anymore.. I wanted to share what I feel at the moment anyways he doesnt know I have a blog anyways. 

You see I have been seeing this guy for a long time now and we had such the greatest connection the whole wide world! He makes me happy in every aspect of my life, when i am down he always always put a smile in my face, I can see his sincerity and good intention on us. And I think he is the most FAITHFUL guy i ever met and will ever meet in my entire life! When we talked we always just laugh and laugh which i find soooo goood. Never a dull moment with him. But yeah we're just friends special friends that is which is i am cool with that as i am so careful with my heart too. I dont wanna rush things and besides its hard in our situation.

Anyways ~~~~~~~ I MISS YOU... YOU ARE SPECIAL...TAKE CARE..KISSES..I MISS YOU SOOOO MUCH... these are the words i am allowed to say.. why? because i am a girl and a girl should only wait first to a guy to say the very strong word I love you... pfffttt i wish i am a guy... i hope he knows that when i say "i miss you" means i love you..