Tuesday, March 29, 2011

AN ANSWERED PRAYER and other stuff

God is really great!! in my latest blog entry i posted that i prayed and asked God something which is really special and guess what? He answered my prayer today!!!! Thank you God! I dont know what i did to you that you are so good to me.. u always gave me whatever i asked you. THANK YOU THANK YOU!! im so happy seriously ;=)
I remember my favorite quote from my ever favorite author Paulo Coelho which state that "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it"  this is really true because it seems like whatever i want in life in which i really wanted with all my heart is all coming true..u just have to believe it and God and the whole universe will gave that to you.

LAst March 24, 2011 my angel Vinnerie just graduated from Nursery with flying colors!! yep yep yep u heard it right!She is so smart just like me LOL..and she is very talented i am so thankful God gave me a daughter like her.I can never ask for more. 

Maybe one of the reason why i am happy because i dont have any anger towards anyone. TO those people who hurt me in the past i already forgiven them and guess what? Life worth living when u have a pure and forgiving heart. Just months ago i really hated someone, i even cursed him.. 3 weeks ago we started communicating, he said sorry and i forgive him and thats the start of our beautiful FRIENDSHIP. He listens to me and gave advices, he is not a bad person i used to think.. he is actually very nice person and a very good friend. I'm happy with whats going on with his life now.

so i guess this is it for the moment. 

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