Sunday, February 2, 2014

Happiness is a CHOICE

Happiness is a choice! that's right it is a choice, it is choosing the adventure in every moment, choosing to understand that there is always good in every situation and every person, choosing to forgive someone who hurts you, choosing to laugh instead of cry and most especially choosing the right person who makes you happy.

I have been so blessed because the year someone broke my heart is the same year I found my greatest love. I choose not to grieve when my heart was broken  because in my mind I always knew everything happens for a reason. That God and the universe allowed it to happened to teach me a lesson and simply, there is better to come than that. I moved on, I choose it because I wanted to be happy and guess what? I SUCCEEDED!!!!HOOOORRRRAAAYYY!!! LOL

Met the most awesome man on the planet! and the source of my happiness, He and Ven (my daughter). And the best part is? WE ARE ENGAGED!! yes you heard it right, I am finally engaged! and soon to be married! oh I cant wait to be his wife and serve him, love him, and show him everyday how much I love and care him. How important he is in my life and I am in my happiest state of my life now because of him.

I AM HAPPY NOW because I choose this and because I know that choosing to be happy will make me a better, stronger, wiser, more longsuffering person. I choose to be happy because this make things easier, luck on my side always and if things dont happen the way I wanted to happen, I can accept situations of what they are and make the most out of life. 

and speaking of happiness, I will be living in the best paradise on the planet...... HAWAII!!! with the love of my life, Ven and his sons. I cant wait! cant wait! 

PS. I love you Dan

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