Sunday, April 17, 2011

some things are not meant to be

Just a little update, Me and Allen broke up actually some weeks ago but dont want to put it here until i finally ready to talk about it. Well this is life. There are some things which are not really meant to be no matter how hard we tried to save our relationship... i guess love is not enough in order for a relationship to survived. Sure love is very essential, it is the core heart of a relationship but there's more than that...  He feel like he was dragging me down which is true, Hes' been suffering something which i cannot put it here coz its private, its not that i dont love him much thats why i choose to broke up with him its just that~~~ i cannot explained it but  i am sure  he knows that no matter what he will always stay in my heart. He's been so good to me the sweetest man I ever had. .. anyways this is my life journey and whatever it is at the end of the road, i am excited to find out.

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