Friday, August 21, 2009

uploading my video on youtube without my consent

ok so this really irritate me! A close friend of mine uploaded our video on youtube without asking permission from me! What the hell is he thinking? That video is supposed to be a private video No one should allowed to view that..what i meant is that; that video is for our personal use only not for the whole world to see! It can ruin my reputation if somebody I know can see that video. Now I don't know what to do, I tried to contact my friend and ask him to removed that video but he did not answer my text messages.

What I learned is that no matter how close you are with your friends; Do not completely trust him/her because she can do something that will ruin your life!
Anyways that video is not very scandalous, we just do some crazy things there... We did that for fun only. I hope people is not so judgemental. Each of us has some crazy's not always good to be serious all the time. BUT what I really hate is when somebody don't ask my permission, respect is my virtue...I want my privacy!!!!

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